Just a small webpage to keep some experiments and patches for Star Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight
and its sequel Mysteries of the Sith. When redistributing these patches, credit is not required but
is appreciated.

Mipmap Patch

Patches mipmaps and LOD to always load the highest quality, since modern GPUs
and CPUs can handle to render them at all times. Helps with higher resolutions
where the distances used for mipmaps aren't that far. This is done by forcing
the distances for mipmaps, LOD, etc to 200 rather than reading from the map JKL

Before Patching

After Patching

FOV Patch

Patches the FOV from 90 degrees to 120 degrees for widescreen monitors.
In Jedi Knight this value is hardcoded to 90 degrees on init, in Mysteries of
the Sith it is still hardcoded but is variable to allow for the zooming scope
on the E-11. For anyone altering the patches for MoTS, the calculation for the
constant at 0x19a99c is 57.295784 * (desired FOV/90), other changes are just
changing 90.0 constants to 120.0 for third-person views.

Before Patching (with mipmap patch)

After Patching (with mipmap patch)

Mipmap Patch for Jedi Knight
FOV 120 Patch for Jedi Knight

Mipmap Patch for Mysteries of the Sith
FOV 120 Patch for Mysteries of the Sith